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Welcome to PVCC Workforce Services!

Thank you for your interest in teaching for Workforce Services. We offer adult and youth classes for workforce training, employee training, career exploration, youth STEM and arts fields and personal enrichment.

If you have a new class idea, please submit a Course Proposal below by clicking on the link. Topics are selected based on goals, anticipated audience, the success of past classes and the timeliness of topics. 

To see a list of our current classes, click on the Browse ? All Courses on the navigation bar on the left. 
Tips on Designing Your Class can be viewed by clicking on the Download Info link at the bottom of this page.

Our classes include:
  • Customized training for employers in the region
  • Career and technical education that leads to industry credentials
  • Professional and skills development for adults
  • Workforce readiness training for adults and school-age students
  • Career exploration academies in STEM-H and arts for school-age students
  • Workshops and special events
  • Continuing education for adults
Please include which category is most appropriate for your course.

Our classes are held at the PVCC Stultz Center, online and at locations in our service region.  If you have special classroom requirements for your class, please include them in your course proposal.

Once your class proposal has been accepted, you will be contacted to start the hiring process as an adjunct instructor with Workforce Services.

Thank you, again, for your interest in teaching for us!
Valerie Palamountain
Dean of Workforce Services