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Welcome to Workforce Services

PVCC Workforce Services provides professional and personal development opportunities for adults and children to improve your workplace skills and knowledge and to provide customized solutions for business, industry, government and nonprofit organizations.

2019 KidsCollege registrations are now available online for all locations!!
$10 Discount on each PVCC & CATEC academy if registered by April 1st!
$20 Discount on each Fluvanna academy if registered by May 1st!



Spring Class Schedule KidsCollege@PVCC 2019 Summer Academies KidsCollege@Fluvanna 2019 Summer Academies Schedule KidsCollege@CATEC 2019 Summer Academies

Spring Class Schedule

Viticulture & Enology

2019 Summer Acedemies

Kidscollege@Fluvanna 2019 Summer Academies KidsCollege@CATEC 2019 Summer Academies